ECLIPS is a new system for manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) that employs a thermally engineered, metalized material layer comprised of Copper and Graphite fiber. This new system allows for the integrated assembly of advanced electronic circuits, using both surface mount (SMT) and unpackaged die components that can directly be attached to the substrate and dramatically reduce thermal expansion and instability of the PWB.


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  • Specifically created for high power, radio frequency (RF) applications.
  • Superior thermal conductivity and ceramic matched CTE.
  • The ECLIPS PCB allows for direct die attach and wire bonding of high-power and sensitive IC components, as well as standard SMT assembly without degradation from dissipated heat.
  • Creates a much smaller, reliable, producible and cost effective system.
  • Superior thermal conductivity competing with currently available materials for PCBs.
  • Ceramic-matched CTE (especially Z axis) allows for direct-attach of GaA or GaN die to PCB.
  • Cirexx International is the exclusive licensee to market and manufacture this Technology.
Cirexx Manufactured Demo Board with ECLIPS Technology

Cirexx Manufactured Demo Board with ECLIPS™ Technology. High Power Amplifier with ECLIPS PCB.

Stack-up of an ECLIPS PCB

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Above is a typical Stack Up with the composite material located just under the outer cores (those supporting the top and bottom layers of the PCB) depicting the various types of uses.