Texas Instruments MPBSM Project

The Multi-Parameter Bio-signal Monitor (MPBSM) is a proof-of-concept Evaluation Module (EVM) that is capable of measuring three of the four primary vital signs. The MPBSM proof of concept can directly measure Electrocardiogram (ECG), Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), and skin temperature. The MPBSM proof of concept can also indirectly measure heart rate, respiration rate, cadence, step count, and sweet-loss rate.


  • Highly integrated smart patch allows
  • patients self-service monitoring of vital data
  • Capable of acquiring ECG, Respiration, GSR, Motion and temperature signals
  • NFC-enabled real-time bidirectional communication
  • Ultra Low power desing, battery powered for continous data logging.
  • This circuit design includes FW, Android App, HW design files, and User’s Guide

Cirexx Came to Help

TI wanted to create a module capable of measuring the four primary vital signs. In order to accomplish this, they needed a flexible circuit that can bend and flex like the human body, that would be easy to integrate with its various sensors. To complete the project, they needed a reputable Printed Circuit Board manufacturing plant. They approached Cirexx because of their highly experienced manufacturing personnel and their ability to work outside the box. Since, Cirexx International specializes in prototype to production volume flex circuits they would be up to the task.