A close-up of a fully populated rigid printed circuit board

Cirexx PCB Layout* Services

In the heart of Silicon Valley, Cirexx is a World Class interconnect supplier bringing relevant and innovative products and services to an ever-changing marketplace with total and seamless integration.
Rigid printed circuit boards with green and white soldermask

RF Microwave PCB's

Specializing in RF/Microwave PCBs, and also the cutting-edge use of Evonik ROHACELL for low absorption loss in antenna/radome applications.
Example of different flexible circuits and rigid-flex circuits.

Flex and Rigid Flexible Circuits

A leader in the Flex Circuit and Rigid-Flex Circuit Board niche. Experienced engineering support for the development of effective and economical cutting-edge solutions – with advanced materials like DuPont HT – that save space, weight and cost.
Circuit board with components being placed by hand

Turnkey PCB Assembly

Offering state-of-the-art PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services on a consignment or full turn-key basis, production or Quick Turn prototypes and fully certified as ISO/AS or MIL-Spec.
with over three decades in business, Cirexx’s experienced technical staff is prepared to help you develop leading edge PCB Layout*, PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly solutions for your most demanding applications. Because Cirexx has a full range of PCB products and PCB services integrated under one roof, we can simplify the sourcing process, avoiding unnecessary multi-supplier interaction saving you time and money. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cirexx is able to offer complex PCBs, such as HDI, RF/Microwave and Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards with turn times that are truly industry-leading. All products are available as bare board or fully assembled on consignment or turn-key level procurement.
Welcome to Cirexx, where we make it simple and cost effective to do business.”

Philipp Menges,
President and CEO
Cirexx International