PCB Assembly

Cirexx provides its customers with access to full turn-key assembly services. With 2 Assembleon automated lines 0201 SMT devices are a cinch. BGAs, QFPs, double-sided SMT, through-hole, MIL connectors, high-mix/low-quantity, all fall within Cirexx’s circuit assembly capabilities. B.O.M. management and inventory control services help the customer to streamline their procurement process. All provided in a fully certified and traceable system.
With short standard lead times, and quick turn options for both fabrication and assembly, Cirexx is able to meet tight project deadlines. With turn-key assembly, partial turn-key assembly, and consigned assembly, we have the option you are looking for. Shorten the supply chain and eliminate outside factors leading to delay and errors. Choose Cirexx for PCB fabrication and PCB Assembly, all under one roof.

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Standard Lead Times
1 – 450 Parts: 5 Days
451 – 750 Parts: 3 Days – 5 Days
751 Parts and Up: 7 Days and Up
Double-Side SMT / BGA .0201 / .01005 Components
High-Speed Pick & Place Hand Soldering
Wavesolder Connector & Terminal
Prototype to Med Volume Water Soluble Process
Layout Review Aqueous Cleaning
Flex and Rigid-Flex Assembly Thru-Hole
Strengths / Core Competancy Equipment
SMT / BGA Ekra X3 / X5 Stencil Printers
Flex Assembly + Rigid-Flex Assembly Assembleon MG-1 Pick & Place
Small Form Factors down to .01005 Assembleon Topaz-X Pick & Place
Rework / Hand Cabling Heller 1707 Reflow Machine
BOM Rework / Engineering Support Nu-Era 18 Wavesolder Machine
Turn-key Trek Triton 18 DI Water Cleaning Machine
Consignment Lynx Conveyors
Pace MBT-250 Solderings & Thru-hole Station
Hakko 850B Hot Air Station
KIC Temperature Profiler
Graphicod GC-Picke & Place