IPC-9151D Printed Board Process Capability and Relative Reliability (PCQR) benchmark test standard and database. Its purpose is to evaluate printed board manufacturing processes. This is done in accordance with the National Technology Roadmap for Electronic Interconnection 2000/2001, published by IPC.

This extensive supply chain management was developed by IPC and CAT for designers, purchasers, assemblers and manufacturers of printed boards. It’s based on statistical data (collected from industry-developed patterns) that quantify the quality, capability and reliability of printed board manufacturers.

To become a database supplier – according to IPC-9151D and the CAT initiative – a fabricator submits a set of process capability panels for testing, data analysis and database inclusion. IPC-9151D clearly outlines the steps to accomplish this.

The purpose of the PCQR2 database is to strengthen supply chain management. It provides a detailed snapshot of supplier fabrication capabilities in five different areas: 1) conductors and spaces, 2) vias (both hole formation and registration), 3) soldermask registration, 4) controlled-depth drilling overshoot, and 5) controlled impedance.

PCQR 2 Certifications

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