PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly Capabilities Download

In this download, you’ll get all of Cirexx’s PCB assembly capabilities for your reference.

We differentiate ourselves by being able to take on even the most complex jobs — all the way from layout through assembly — and we do this under one roof with state-of-the-art technology and a top-notch engineering and assembly operator team. This end-to-end expertise allows us to excel at the entire process and be the best PCB fabrication company in the country.

We specialize in best practices for flex and rigid-flex PCB assembly, and our certified operators understand how to properly treat and assemble flex circuits to avoid delamination. Our integrated fabrication and assembly services ensure a smooth transition since everything is completed within the same building. By shortening the supply chain, you eliminate outside factors that can lead to delays and errors.

Download your copy of our PCB assembly capabilities.

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