A close-up of a fully populated rigid printed circuit board

Cirexx PCB Layout* Services

In the heart of Silicon Valley, Cirexx is a World Class interconnect supplier bringing relevant and innovative products and services to an ever-changing marketplace with total and seamless integration.

Rigid printed circuit boards with green and white soldermask

RF Microwave PCB's

Specializing in RF/Microwave PCBs, including our ground-breaking ECLIPS™ technology solution for thermal management of direct-attach Die on a PCB, and also the cutting-edge use of Evonik ROHACELL for low absorption loss in antenna/radome applications.  
Example of different flexible circuits and rigid-flex circuits.

Flex and Rigid Flexible Circuits

A leader in the cutting-edge Flex Circuit and Rigid-Flex Circuit Board niche. Experienced engineering support for the development of effective and economical designs that save space, weight and cost.
Circuit board with components being placed by hand

Turnkey PCB Assembly

Offering state-of-the-art PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services on a consignment or full turn-key basis, production or Quick Turn prototypes and fully certified as ISO/AS or MIL-Spec.

with over three decades in business, Cirexx’s experienced technical staff is prepared to help you develop leading edge PCB Layout*, PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly solutions for your most demanding applications. Because Cirexx has a full range of PCB products and PCB services integrated under one roof, we can simplify the sourcing process, avoiding unnecessary multi-supplier interaction saving you time and money. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cirexx is able to offer complex PCBs, such as HDI, RF/Microwave and Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards with turn times that are truly industry-leading. All products are available as bare board or fully assembled on consignment or turn-key level procurement.
Welcome to Cirexx, where we make it simple and cost effective to do business.”


Philipp Menges,
President and CEO
Cirexx International