PCB Fabrication

Trusted PCB manufacturing experts since 1980

Since 1980, PCB fabrication has been one of our core competencies. We’ve developed countless advanced techniques and processes that have saved our customers both time and money.
We are the circuit experts. While other companies were just taking their first steps, Cirexx was learning to fly. We have the industry leading procedures, facilities, and team to fulfill all of your PCB fabrication needs. Our expertise allows us to excel where other fail. Have a complex rigid board with blind, buried, or stacked vias? No problem. What about a high layer count flexible circuit that needs bookbinding? Easy. We have the technology and the team in-house to fabricate your most complex PCBs.

Made in the U.S.A., all PCB manufacturing is done here in Santa Clara, California. Our product offerings listed below, are industry leading. Cirexx manufactures a wide variety of PCB’s, from single layer FR4 rigid circuit boards, to high layer-count flex and rigid-flex circuit boards, using exotic materials.

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Standard Fabrication Lead Times:
Standard Rigid PCB: 10 Days
Flex and Rigid-Flex circuits: 15 Days
24 hr Turnaround Available


Rigid FR-4 / 408 / RoHS
1 Day Turn Available
Std Lead Time – 10 Days
3 / 3 Layout
1-30 Layers
High Frequency
Vias Down To 4 mil
Blind Vias / Stacked Vias
Controlled Impedance
MIL-SPEC 31032
MIL-SPEC 31032
Flex & Rigid-Flex
3 Day Turn Available
Std Lead Time – 15 Days
1 – 22 Layers
Silver Ink
Controlled Impedance
MIL-SPEC 31032
Up To 16 Layers
Specialty Products
2 Day Turn Available
Std Lead Time – 10 Day
RF / Hybrid
Conductive Via Fill
Sequential LAM
Blind / Buried Vias
Rogers / Arlon / Taconic
Controlled Impedance

PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Design & Test
2 mil Trace Width
3 mil Air Gap
IPC Class 2 / IPC Class 3
Flying Probe Net List Test
Differential Impedance
TDR Testing
Automatic Optical Inspection
1 to 30 Layers
Vacuum Lamination
Sequential Lamination
Drill and Rout
Counter Sinks / Counter Bores
Scoring / Rout & Retain
Laser Route
Blind Vias / Buried Vias
Stacked Vias
Conductive Via Fill
Non-Conductive Via Fill
Plated Edges
Plated Radii (Castellation)
Plated Milling Cutouts
Hard Gold Body
Soft Bondable Gold
Immersion Gold
Immersion Silver
HAL Standard
HAL Lead Free (ROHS)
Flex and Rigid Flex
Kapton™ & Non Kapton™
RF and High Speed Materials
Mix Materials / FR-4-Teflon
Metal Back Boards (LED/Power Distribution)
Heavy Cu 6 oz Finish Rigid and Rigid / Flex

Fabrication Tolerances

Design & Test
Trace Tolerance+/- .0008″
Internal Drill To Cµ.007″
Pad Over FHS.004″
Soldermask Clearance Over PAD Size.005″
From Cµ To The Edge Of The Board.010″
Impedance+/- 10%
Board Thickness+/- 8%
Layer To Layer Registration +/-.005″
Drill & Route
Route+/- .005″
Inside Radius.015″
Min. Slot Width.0021″
Drill Positioning.002″
From Cµ To The Edge Of The Board.010″
Impedance+/- 10%