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Wire Bonding Process

Every single printed circuit board (PCB) contains at least one chip, which is an integrated circuit that contains electrical components such as transistors and capacitors. Every silicon chip contains wire bonding to some degree, which helps to establish these electrical connections within the chip. The three most common types of wire bonding are aluminum, gold, and copper.


Advantages to Wire Bonding

While wire bonding has become standard PCB fabrication and assembly practice, there are some distinct advantages, especially when it comes to bare die bonding, which refers to establishing a direct connection without components such as capacitors or resistors.

Wire bonding is also important due to PCB miniaturization, which refers to reducing the size of the components and overall printed circuit board.

Applications for Wire Bonding

Wire bonding is used as the main type of PCB assembly in projects across all types of industries and applications, including:

Lead Times for Wire Bonding

Since wire bonding is part of standard PCB assembly and fabrication, it’s part of the average lead time for a PCB project, which is anywhere from 3–7 days.

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Cirexx has partnered with a premium electronic manufacturing company that performs high-quality wire bonding services. Contact us today for more information.

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