DuPont is an electronics materials manufacturer with a deep understanding of advanced technology, a wide range of industry knowledge and expertise, and a long history of innovation. DuPont offers the industry’s largest array of high-performance electronic materials and prides itself on best-in-class manufacturing capabilities and a team of experts who understands how to create the best solutions for their customers.

DuPont’s Portfolio

DuPont manufactures  substrates and materials for rigid and flexible circuits, including:

Polyimide films

Laminates (Kapton®, Pyralux®, and Interra®)

  • Acrylic-based adhesive solutions
  • All-polyimide solutions
  • Epoxy adhesive solutions
  • Fluoropolymer adhesive solutions
  • Thin copper clad polyimide laminate

Circuit imaging materials

  • Dry film photoresist
  • Screen printed inks

Materials for High-Temperature Applications

DuPont is a leader in high temperature materials, which means they are ideal for high temperature flex circuits typically used in the oil, automotive, military, aerospace, and healthcare industries.

Cirexx uses advanced equipment and fabrication techniques along with DuPont’s high-temperature materials to fabricate state-of-the-art flex circuits that can operate in temperatures greater than 250°C (482°F). The DuPont all-polyimide Pyralux HT material system, for example, has the highest temperature operating rating of any flex circuit material.

This solution provides more options in terms of solving high-temperature flex circuit challenges. Contact us today to determine if this technology is right for your next project.

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