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If there’s a primary reason tech pros come to Cirexx, it’s the depth of our manufacturing expertise. Attribute that to three decades of experience in the PCB category. We’ll help you with leading edge layout, fabrication and assembly. Having all this knowledge under one roof in Silicon Valley makes the process more efficient, and faster, too.

Cirexx’s primary facility, headquarters and manufacturing operation is located in Santa Clara, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. Nearness to the Mineta San Jose Airport, offers Cirexx and its customers the benefits of close proximity to the world’s center of technology manufacturing and layout. The area has a deep pool of talent from which Cirexx has nurtured and developed a seasoned team. These superstar technologists average over 24 years of experience.

To serve the diverse markets that require the technologies which Cirexx has developed, the company maintains a comprehensive series of certifications and registrations:

AS-9100 CertifiedMIL-PRF-31032 CertifiedMIL-P-55110 Certified
MIL-P50884 CertifiedCage Code 4MEG7IPC-6012 Certified
IPC-6013 CertifiedIPC-6018 CertifiedJ-STD-001 Certified
ITAR RegisteredODB++ CertifiedUL Certified

“Our people are our greatest asset.”

Philipp Menges
President and CEO, Cirexx International