For five decades OhmegaPly® has been used in a variety of electronic devices, spanning a broad spectrum of the Electronics Industry. Applications range from consumer electronics (smart phone MEMS microphones) to aerospace and defense electronics (satellites, space probes, missiles and fighter aircraft).

OhmegaPly’s strength has been its ability to be used in a variety of new ways in new applications. OhmegaPly acts like a resistive “blank slate” – providing the PCB designer with a key tool for addressing contemporary electronic issues requiring passive resistors or resistive films.

OhmegaPly–five decades of consistent reliability and dependability, five decades of constant product improvements, new product introductions and ongoing product enhancements.

Cirexx uses OhmegaPly as an embedded layer of resistors which are created using a standard PCB print and etch process. This technology allows the designer to free up space on the surface of the PCB by buying (embedding) resistor components.