Altium PCB Design & Layout Software Services

Constraint-driven PCB Layout

The first step in any printed circuit board project is layout. At Cirexx, we work with principal engineers and design experts to develop the right layout for your project with advanced software platforms such as Altium Designer.


What is Altium PCB Design Software?

Altium is a global software company that provides PCB design tools and resources. The company’s most popular product is Altium Designer, a software program that empowers engineers throughout the entire PCB design and layout process.

The software combines electronic computer-aided design (ECAD) libraries, rules and constraints, bill of materials (BoM), supply chain management, engineering change order (ECO) processes, and other important tools in one comprehensive, easy-to-use program.

Altium also releases a new software update annually.

Key Features of Altium PCB Design Software

Altium’s features and capabilities include:

  • Schematic capture
  • Mechanical drawing drafting tool
  • Unified library management
  • Board layout
  • Interactive routing
  • Stackup planning
  • High-speed and high-density design
  • Data management
  • Mixed simulation
  • MCAD collaboration
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Manufacturing outputs
Cirexx Layout Capabilities

Benefits of Altium PCB Design Software

Altium Designer is an easily scriptable and configurable software program that features many built-in wizards and helpful functions. One of the key benefits is the inclusion of Draftsman — a mechanical drawing tool that allows users to automatically generate PCB drawings and notes.

The intuitive software creates a visual process within the same window and workflow, which can streamline layout. Altium Designer also features many automatic functions and add-ons, making it easier to convert layouts.

Who Should Use Altium?

If your PCB project is more complicated and high-tech, consider a software like Altium, which is equipped to handle complex designs with its advanced tools and capabilities.

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