Globally distributing a variety of industrial products typically including Circuit Board Materials, IC encapsulation materials and molding compounds. Their products can establish their own values only when they are processed and integrated into electronic devices and equipment in the production process of customers. Panasonic has been developing these products based on the concept of value creation through partnership with customers.

With the concurrent advance of semiconductor and PCB technologies, Panasonic is responding to customer needs by developing the optimum materials for next generation technologies. These include the “Thermosetting Resin Design Technology”, “Compound Material Design Technology”, and “Materials Evaluation Technology” required by state-of-the-art electronics. Based on its quality assurance system incorporating manufacturing management methods such as SPC, Panasonic is able to supply multi-layer PCB materials/laminates that satisfy customers by utilizing a variety of materials property evaluation technologies and evaluation technologies that simulate the field use of products by customers.