Founded in 1884 under the name Gould Electronic Materials, the company became the industry’s premier manufacturer of electrodeposited copper foil. In 1999, Gould developed TCR®, a revolutionary new thin-film foil product for embedding resistors in electronic packages. This next-generation material provided solutions for new, aggressive applications and the performance demands of advanced printed circuit boards.

Ticer Technologies manufactures high-performance, thin-film embedded resistor copper foil for digital and RF printed circuit boards. Its next-generation technology for embedded resistors is uniquely suited to meet challenges posed by new designs, materials and increase performance requirements for current and future electronic packages. Enhanced by the capability and reliability of TCR, Ticer’s solutions utilize the latest in advanced laminate systems.

Ticer Technologies material “TCR” is commonly used at Cirexx for the production of PCBs. The material is designed to be used as an embedded (internal to the PCB) layer of resistors which are created using a standard PCB Print & Etch process. The technology allows the designer to free up space on the surfaces of the PCB by buying (embedding) resistor components

Ticer Datasheets

Ticer TCR Datasheet
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Ticer TCR Brochure
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