Arlon Electronic Materials Division, a Veteran-owned business founded in 1969, is a major manufacturer of specialty high-performance laminate and prepreg materials used in a wide variety of printed circuit board applications.

Arlon’s Portfolio

Arlon specializes in the following materials:

  • Polyimide products
  • Low flow products
  • Epoxy products
  • High Tg multifunctional epoxy
  • Controlled thermal expansion
  • Low loss thermoset laminate and prepreg systems
  • Surface-mount technology

These applications typically require laminates with specialized electrical, thermal, mechanical, or other performance characteristic that exceed those of traditional standard FR-4 materials.

These resin systems are available on a variety of substrates, including woven glass and non-woven aramid.

Typical Applications

Typical applications for these materials include advanced commercial and military electronics such as avionics, semiconductor testing, heat sink bonding, high-density interconnect, and microvia PCBs (i.e. in mobile communication products).

Arlon microwave materials specialize in fluoropolymers (i.e. PTFE), ceramic-filled fluoropolymers, and low loss ceramic hydrocarbon thermoset laminates that deliver the electrical performance needed in frequency-dependent circuit applications. Examples include base station antennas, phased array radars, power amplifier boards, communications systems, and various other antenna applications.

Another Arlon product to note is a lower loss version of CLTE — called CLTE-XT — which has the lowest loss, lowest thermal expansion, highest phase stability, and lowest moisture absorption of any product in its class.

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