Turn to Cirexx for state-of-the-art PCBs with copper microvia and epoxy filled thru-vias. With over 40 years in the industry, we’ve honed our craft to deliver precision and quality.

Recognizing the push for smaller, more efficient devices, we’ve perfected a process that addresses these demands. Our dedicated engineers work hand-in-hand with clients, guiding projects from concept to completion, and ensuring tailored solutions every step of the way.

Our approach involves the seamless integration of filled vias, either plated with copper or filled with epoxy.

Whether you’re focusing on micro BGAs or other compact components, we provide comprehensive services that encompass PCB layout, fabrication, and assembly.


Overview of Copper Filled Microvias

Copper filled microvias are more than just holes in a circuit board; they’re filled with copper to enhance their functionality. Their primary roles include:

  • Cooling, by helping dissipate heat more effectively
  • Connectivity, by bridging connections between different board layers

These vias are crafted through laser drilling, metalized with an electroless copper seed layer, followed by imaging and then specialized electroplating. However, the precision and detail required in this process can sometimes mean higher manufacturing costs.

Overview of Epoxy Filled Vias

Epoxy filled vias, whether non-conductive or conductive, offer a different approach. They include thru-holes in the circuit board that are filled with a non-conductive or conductive material known as epoxy resin, which is specifically used in PCB design for:

  • Placement, as they are ideal for designs that require components to be mounted directly over the via
  • Smoothness, as they ensure the board has a flat surface, which can be crucial for certain components

In the case of conductive epoxy resin, it is also a way to channel heat from under components such as sensors or GAN amplifiers that create a lot of heat.

Producing an epoxy filled via involves plating the hole, filling it with epoxy, and then sealing it with copper, often referred to as “the cap” layer. While they offer a versatile option, it’s essential to remember that epoxy doesn’t conduct heat as efficiently as copper or conductive epoxy via fill.

Similarities and Differences Between Copper and Epoxy Filled Vias

At their core, both copper and epoxy filled vias serve the same purpose: they enhance the functionality and design of a circuit board. Both types aid in connecting different parts of a board, ensuring a more robust and effective PCB design.

Both copper and epoxy filled vias offer distinct advantages.

Copper filled microvias allow fanning out of traces to the layer below for high-density components such as BGAs. Copper filled microvias are also known for their ability to channel heat to plane layers and subsequently out to the edge of a board.

Non-conductive or conductive Epoxy filled vias, on the other hand, are great when you need a flat surface, especially if components are placed directly over the via. They can also save space in compact device designs.

Filled Via PCB Applications

Given their unique properties, the filled via PCB is integral in diverse industries and applications, such as:

  • Telecommunications — For more effective signal transmission
  • Aerospace — Ensuring durability and improved performance in challenging environments
  • Medical Devices — Filled vias help achieve the desired level of complexity and performance
  • Automotive — Enhancing performance in automotive electronics
  • Consumer electronics — Offering compactness without compromising on performance
  • Industrial electronics — For robust and enhanced electronic performance
  • Energy — Supporting the demanding energy sector with reliable complex circuitry

Copper and Epoxy Filled Via Lead Times

Crafting a PCB is similar to piecing together a puzzle. The more complex it becomes, the longer it takes. Adding filled vias can increase production time by approximately three days for each design addition.

Cirexx’s Expertise in Copper and Epoxy Filled Vias

With over 40 years of hands-on experience, we’ve perfected the art of integrating filled vias into PCBs, offering durable, high-performance solutions for a wide variety of industries.


Cirexx Is Your Copper and Epoxy Filled Vias Manufacturer

Navigating the PCB landscape requires a reliable partner. Enter Cirexx: your expert for copper microvias and epoxy filled vias. Our seasoned engineers, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, ensure precision in every project. Whether you prioritize heat dispersion with copper or the sleek design of epoxy, Cirexx delivers the quality you need.

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