Siemens PADS PCB Design & Layout Software Services

What Is PADS PCB Design Software?

Siemens PADS®, formerly known as Mentor PADS®, is a popular desktop PCB layout software package. The software has been around for decades and is a widely used resource for PCB layout.

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Key Features of PADS

PADS is an intuitive program that handles high-speed routing and features excellent auto router functionality and interaction. It offers similar high-level capabilities to other software programs at a price point similar to Altium. Users will also find helpful customer support from Siemens, if needed.

Additional features include:

  • 3D modeling
  • Output through mechanical software
  • Available modules that make it easier for BGA routing

Benefits of PADS PCB Design & Layout Software Services

  • Library manager is simple to use
  • Handles high-speed design constraints well
  • Reduces design spins
  • Extensive layout capabilities
  • Allows users to access all component information from a single spreadsheet
  • Provides critical schematic design capabilities
  • Offers the ability to define circuit and systems while linking seamless to layout and analysis

PADS Software Levels

There are three different versions depending on your needs and budget. This information was compiled from  Siemens.


Key Features
PADS Standard
  • Component part selection and instantiation
  • Powerful search and filtering
  • Design documentation with searchable PDF output generation
  • Powerful search and filtering
PADS Standard Plus This version includes all of the capabilities of PADS Standard, in addition to:

  • Integrated constraint management and routing
  • Signal integrity with crosstalk
  • Thermal and analog simulation
  • Centralized library
PADS Professional
  • More functionality with flex boards
  • Additional parameters
  • Includes cloud-integrated apps
  • Real-time component sourcing
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Routing automation
  • Analog/mixed-signal simulation
  • RF design
  • Signal integrity analysis

Who Should Use PADS?

Whether you choose a version of PADS or a different type of PCB layout software will depend on your needs and budget — but ultimately it’s personal preference. Some users prefer Altium while others are partial to PADS or Allegro. If you have questions about PADS or another software program, please contact us. Our experts will be happy to provide you with more information and help move your PCB project in the right direction.

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