Constraint-driven PCB Layout

Allegro PCB Designer quickly moves simple or complex layouts from concept to production in a constraint-driven layout system. Its scalable-based, plus options model allows designers to cost-effectively match the technology and methods of a very broad range of companies and projects.

Allegro is all about speed – from placement and routing right through manufacturing. It includes powerful features such as layout partitioning, RF layout capabilities, and interconnect layout planning. It’s proven to increase productivity and help engineers quickly ramp up to volume production.


  • Provides a scalable, full-featured PCB layout solution.
  • Enables a constraint-driven layout flow to reduce iterations.
  • Provides a single, consistent, front-to-back constraint management environment.
  • Delivers an integrated RF/analog and mixed-signal layout environment.
  • Provides interactive floor-planning and component placement.
  • Provides layout partitioning for large, dispersed development teams.
  • Enables real-time, interactive, push/shove etch editing.
  • Allows real-time plowing/healing, with dynamic shape technology.
  • Manages net scheduling, timing, crosstalk, layer set routing and geometric constraints.
  • Provides proven PCB router technology for auto-routing of random signals.
  • Enables hierarchical route planning to accelerate layout completion.
  • Shortens interconnect planning/routing time for dense layouts with high-speed interfaces.
  • Outputs layout data in a variety of manufacturing formats.
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