Allegro PCB Design & Layout Software Services

Constraint-driven PCB Layout

Allegro PCB Designer quickly moves layouts from concept to production in a constraint-driven system. It is a scalable solution designed for both simple and complex layouts.

From placement and routing to manufacturing and support, Allegro is widely used by many for PCB design and layout. Its features include:

  • OrCAD for schematic capture
  • Layout partitioning
  • RF layout capabilities
  • Interconnect layout planning

  • Provides a scalable, full-featured PCB layout solution
  • Uses OrCAD schematic capture
  • Enables a constraint-driven layout flow to reduce iterations
  • Provides a single, consistent, front-to-back constraint management environment
  • Delivers an integrated RF/analog and mixed-signal layout environment
  • Provides interactive floor-planning and component placement
  • Enables real-time, interactive, push/shove etch editing
  • Allows real-time plowing/healing with dynamic shape technology
  • Manages net scheduling, timing, crosstalk, layer set routing and geometric constraints
  • Provides proven PCB router technology for auto-routing
  • Shortens interconnect planning/routing time for dense layouts with high-speed interfaces
  • Outputs layout data in a variety of manufacturing formats

Allegro’s Add-On Options

  • Allegro High-Speed Option
  • Allegro Miniaturization Option
  • Allegro Manufacturing Option
  • Allegro Analog RF Option
  • Allegro Team Design
  • Allegro FPGA System Planer
Cirexx Layout Capabilities

Who Will Get the Most Benefit Out of Allegro?

Allegro is available for any type of PCB project, but those who tend to use it already have the Allegro software. Other layout options include Altium Designer and Mentor Pads.

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