Buried resistance is a special type of resistor embedded within PCB layers. This thin film is electrodeposited on a copper nickel phosphorus (NiP) metal alloy, acting as a resistor conductor material. Cirexx stands at the forefront of producing boards with buried resistors, harnessing advanced techniques and industry expertise.


Overview of Buried Resistance in PCBs

Buried resistors are embedded within the PCB layers, conserving surface space and maintaining board thickness. These types of PCBs are created by laminating the resistor conductor material to a dielectric and subtractively processed to produce planar resistors. Due to their thin film nature, buried resistors are embedded within the board layers.

Buried resistance improves line impedance matching and can reduce noise levels and cross-talk. It also provides more stability and overall reliability.

Potential challenges include maintaining tight tolerances that can become further exasperated during processing and lamination. The resistor value can also change during the lamination process.

Similarities and Differences Between Buried Resistance and Traditional Discrete Resistors

Buried resistors offer efficiency of space and enhanced performance. Depending on the project, they may also be more cost-effective. Discrete resistors don’t have any limitations, whereas buried resistors allow for more board real estate so that you can include additional components.

Applications for PCBs with Buried Resistors

PCB with buried resistors are used across a wide variety of industries and in numerous applications, including:

Benefits of using buried resistors include optimizing space, reduced noise and enhanced performance.

PCB with Buried Resistor Lead Times

The lead time for this type of PCB is anywhere from 10-20 days.

Cirexx’s Expertise in PCBs with Buried Resistors

With more than four decades of experience, Cirexx has been at the forefront of implementing and optimizing the use of buried resistance in PCB manufacturing. We’ve manufactured PCBs for almost every leading technology company — and we’ve worked with industries all over the world. Our deep expertise and state-of-the-art technology set us apart; just ask our many satisfied partners.

Cirexx Is Your Buried Resistance PCB Manufacturer

It’s important to consult experienced professionals from the start. Here at Cirexx, our highly skilled engineers work with clients from the beginning of any project to provide valuable recommendations on the type of PCB you need, materials, stack ups, and how to design for manufacturability.

Cirexx has the industry-leading procedures, facilities, and team to fulfill all of your custom PCB layout, manufacturing, and assembly needs. Contact us today if you’re looking for more information or have any questions.

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