Cirexx employee using X-ray equipment
To verify and guarantee precision solder joints—along with other aspects of inspection—Cirexx has invested in state of the art X-ray equipment. Our Glenbrook X-RAY System Model 70T allows for real time inspection, and creates images of PWB inner layers as well as hidden solder joints beneath component housings. These ultra-high resolution images and movies are among the best in the industry, with the absolute lowest threshold for radiation.

This kind of monitoring allows Cirexx to become an extension of your organization, and helps ensure that we do everything possible to meet or exceed your expectations.


Founded in 1980, Cirexx International, Inc. is an electronic solutions company offering PCB Layout*, Fabrication, Assembly, Testing & Validation of high-reliability Flex, Rigid-Flex, RF/Microwave, HDI and Rigid Circuit Boards. Recognized as a time-technology leader, Cirexx offers a genuine Quick Turn service and provides a "one-stop-shop" and all in-house solution with 100% USA manufacturing. 

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* Cirexx Layout Services consist of Gerber File creation, including modeling and development of PWB mechanical features and signal performance, and the generation of associated engineering drawings for fabrication and/or manufacturing. These services can be certified to IPC or MIL specifications, but are not a part of the company’s ISO/AS Certification. © 2017 Cirexx International Inc. All Rights Reserved.