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Cirexx International, Inc. Amplifies Its Commitment to the Military/Aerospace Industry with AS9100B Certification

Sam Biddle

SANTA CLARA, CA, November 10, 2010 — Cirexx International, Inc., a leader in quick turn prototype and production manufacture of high reliability flex and rigid-flex printed circuits, announces the achievement of AS9100 certification for Military/Aerospace applications. This was accomplished in the relatively short time frame of six months, indicating highly effective quality management systems were in place even before embarking on the AS9100 pursuit. The AS9100 standard was released in late 1999 by the *SAE International (Land Sea Air and Space Division) and is supported by the American Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG). The AS9100 certification was developed using the ISO 9001, AS9000, and EN9000-1 quality standards and builds upon their requirements to produce the first standard available for use across the global aerospace community. AS9100 adds the additional requirements necessary to address both civil/military aviation and aerospace needs.

This certification adds to Cirexx’ increased presence in the Military/Aerospace industry. The U.S. company is also MIL-PRF-31032 certified for high layer count products and specializes in microwave and RF material applications, as well as high density interconnect for demanding avionics, aerospace, military, and medical industry applications. The company is also ITAR certified; enabling sensitive U.S. Military program manufacturing.

“Our integrated offerings of Design, Manufacturing, and Assembly services are now strengthened by the AS9100B certification. It allows us to establish new levels of trust with our Military/Aerospace customers and provides us with a competitive differential. That certification gives us additional credibility as a ‘go to’ supplier of military flex and rigid-flex products, and compliments our forward strategy of being a trusted partner in the defense supply chain,” said Philipp Menges, President of Cirexx.

Cirexx continues to provide high reliability, mission-critical products with the highest standards of quality and on-time delivery. With a 30 year history of printed circuit board manufacturing, the company has continually invested in its people, its state-of-the-art technology and facilities, and its commitment to delivering seamless integration solutions for the Design, Fabrication, and Assembly requirements of its customer base.

About Cirexx International, Inc.:

ISO9001:2008 Certification: 10000706 QM08
AS9100B Certification : 10000706 ASH
ITAR Registration Code: M21544
MIL-PRF-31032/1-4 : Cage Code 4MEG7

Founded in 1980, Cirexx International, Inc. is an electronic solutions company offering PCB Design, PCB Fabrication and PCB Assembly of high-reliability Printed Circuit Boards, RF/Microwave Circuit Boards, Flexible Printed Circuits and Rigid-Flex Circuit Boards. Recognized as a time-technology leader, the company offers a genuine Quick Turn service and provides a one stop shop and all in-house solution known as Seamless Integration. Cirexx has expertise fabricating high layer count Printed Circuit Boards using a variety of substrates including a wide array of high-frequency RF-based materials in mixed (hybrid) constructions. Cirexx delivers unsurpassed quality and support to a large array of customers in the high-reliability markets of defense/aerospace, industrial, and medical instrumentation.

For information contact Don Kaufman ([email protected])

* Society of Automotive Engineers.

written by
Sam Biddle
Market Strategy & Development


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