Continuous Improvements

Cirexx understands that it is critical to continually invest in resources in order to remain a consistent delivered of QUICK TURN services while producing the HIGHEST LEVELS OF TECHNOLOGY in the industry. In 2017/2018 Cirexx made the following investments in capital resources. These investments allow Cirexx to not only remain on the cutting edge of PWB technology, but also to deliver to its customer a TRUE QUICK TURN service by performing ALL manufacturing processes in house.

In addition to these CapEx investments, Cirexx has invested in two Process Engineers and two Quality Engineers as well as a number of highly experienced operators.

The company continues to refine and grow its Security Programs including Cyber Security, and to remain certified to the latest revisions of appropriate industry specifications: MIL-PRF-30132; AS-9100; J-STD-001.

Nordson Plasma Etch System

This investment allow us to augment our existing capacity.

New Technology HASL

Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL) System with Fluxer is used for applications continuing to require solder technology.

Koh Young Solder Paste Inspection System

The Koh Young Solder Paste Inspectiong System technology assures the continued quality of automated assembly

OEM Hi-Temp Lamination Presses

Cirexx has purchased two OEM Hi-Temp Lamination Presses for continued dominance in the HIGH TEMPERATURE materials market.

Orbotech GenFlex CAM Software

Cirexx has invested in 6 new seats of Orbotech GenFlex CAM software. We now have a total of 15 seats. This investment allows us to process more QUICK TURN jobs faster.

Dual Head Excellon Cobra Laser

Cirexx has invested in a third Dual Head Excellon Cobra Laser for improved accuracy and reliability of Flex Circuits.

Orbotech Direct Laser Imaging System

The Orbotech Direct Laser Imaging system allows Cirexx to offer faster, more accurate direct printing of PCB patterns.

CBT Raptor 7000 Direct Imaging System

Cirexx has inested in a second CBT Raptor 7000 Direct Imaging System for faster, more accurate direct printing of PCB patterns.

Wise CleverStar Planarizer System

The new Wise CleverStar Planarizer System assures high quality throughout the via hole fill process and beyond.

Wise UltraFlex Series Conveyorized Etching System

The Wise UltraFlex Series Conveyorized Etching System allows Cirexx to to run Flex Circuits more reliably and without the need for process leaders.