Cirexx is a Defense Industrial Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce. Cirexx will therefore remain operating as normal.

The Secretary of Defense has the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) is part of the Critical Infrastructure Sector. Therefore organizations within this classification need to remain operating as normal to ensure public health, safety, economic security, and national security.

Because of Cirexx’s role in the process for many organizations part of the Critical Infrastructure Sector, it is crucial for Cirexx to remain operating.

Dear Valued Customer:

During this time of uncertainty as our country grapples with the Covid-19 virus situation, I want to reach out you and ensure you that Cirexx International is committed to the continued support of requirements that relate to our National Security and National Health infrastructure for the benefit of our country and our customers.

Over the past several weeks we have quickly adopted significant strategic measures specifically designed to address this crisis. As a result, Cirexx currently has the resources necessary – a strong-tenured and available staff, the highest technology equipment and an ample supply of raw materials – for the smooth continuity for our production efforts. We have customer service personnel available to discuss every aspect of your Printed Circuit Board (PCB) quotes and orders. Cirexx is also working very closely with its supply chain to assure uninterrupted service of all necessary raw materials and consumables necessary for our operation.

We are specifically well stocked with a significant number of “exotic” and hard to obtain raw materials, including rigid and flexible dielectric/copper combinations from manufacturers such as Rogers, Dupont, Isola, Panasonic and Arlon. These materials allow us to meet most, if not all, of the critical existing and new requirements that are necessary during this crisis in a QUICK TURN mode.

My staff stands prepared to assist you with any aspects of your PCB requirements and ensure that you get the full force of the Cirexx advantage to meet your needs. I am confident in their abilities and our collective will to support your programs. Please feel free to contact me concerning any issue related to this situation. Thank you for your time and interest in Cirexx International.


Philipp Menges


written by
Philipp Menges

Philipp Menges is President & CEO of Cirexx Intl. with over 23 years of experience in the printed circuit board industry. He oversees all aspects of business activity. Philipp started with Cirexx Corporation as a youth in 1993, learning the circuit board business from the ground up. He rose through the ranks from General Manager to become company President in 2005 when he purchased the business from his father. Roger Menges had been President for 22 years. Since circuit board design is practically a part of his DNA, Philipp’s breadth of experience in the category provides customers with a uniquely valuable resource. Philipp has a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Arts from the UC Berkeley in California.

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