logo-stablcorCirexx is an experienced fabricator of the STABLCOR® TECHNOLOGY with many applications addressing PCB thermal and mechanical issues. The STABLCOR® product a carbon composite laminate – when embedded into a PCB allows electronics to pass beyond the thermo-mechanical limitations of today’s current materials and technologies. It offers a PCB structure with very low CTE and very high thermal conductivity. It is an excellent alternative to THERMOUNT® when used in conjunction with FR4 and Polyimide. The technology is also an effective replacement for: Copper-Invar-Copper (CIC), heavy copper, aluminum heat spreaders/sinks, and other thermal interface materials.

The STABLCOR® PCB has less than 50% of the Z-axis expansion of Thermount® with no moisture absorption issues. The material acts as heat spreader to substantially increase in thermal conductivity through the PCB. Additionally the board will have increased rigidity without an increase in weight – in fact most likely a decrease in the overall weight versus other heat sinking alternatives. And finally a STABLCOR® PCB will process through component assembly more reliably due to lower lead-free machine temperatures.

Cirexx engineers are prepared to help you devise the best interconnect system for your electronics package. We can guide you through the capabilities and limitations of advanced technologies like STABLCOR® and even recommend against it if it is not necessary. Cirexx is committed to providing you world class technology in a competitive environment. And all with the best customer service in the business.