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TRC provides the DoD with critically required Modernization, Technology Insertion and Obsolescence Mitigation Solutions. For example, TRC has re-engineered, qualified and is currently manufacturing multiple Black Hawk, Chinook and Kiowa Avionic subsystems.

During the original build of the Black Hawk, Chinook and Kiowa, the manufactures thought the need for spare parts would be superseded with new technological advancements. As parts were designed almost four decades ago, the gyroscope and rotor controls were in much need of modernization. Malfunctioning boards would cause fires in the cockpit eventually leading to crashes and pilots lost. Due to the need of helicopters in Afghanistan, Iraq and in the US after 9/11, flight hours have drastically increased along with the requirement for such parts.

TRC in collaboration with Cirexx International designed and built an entirely new engineering package to work with all of the Army’s specifications. With only a schematic, Cirexx International re-engineered and re-designed the tangled mess of boards. Taking several single and double layered circuit boards, Cirexx built an 11 layer rigid-flex solution. More importantly, this was accomplished using revolutionary building methods as Dupont’s Kapton products were restricted from use. This was a Quick Turn build out program that went from prototypes to 1100 pieces delivered.