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Like working with one vendor from start to finish? One person to communicate with? Welcome to Cirexx. We’ll help you layout your board. Then build, populate and test it. All in one location. Try us on your next project and see what full scale integration means for efficiently producing a complex PCB layout.

A key component to Cirexx’s success is the ability to offer the entire interconnect experience in one business transaction, from one company. This “one-stop-shopping” model is very attractive to customers who are continually under pressure to reduce vendor counts, reduce lead times and cut costs. By offering PCB Layout, PCB Fabrication, and PCB Assembly all under one roof, Cirexx takes responsibility for the project’s processes, allowing for customer peace of mind.

By offering the Circuit Layout and Assembly services Cirexx assures that their customers will not pay mark-ups commonly associated with these services when two or three companies are involved. Better yet, customers will not experience the lost time in contracting and maintaining multiple suppliers. Not to mention the avoidance of potential “finger pointing” that commonly occurs when a product issue arises.

“We see more and more customers who just want to throw their entire circuit board issue over the wall at us and let us deal with it from layout through assembly. It frees them up to do what they are good at.”
Philipp Menges
President and CEO, Cirexx International