Defense contracting is a demanding market niche with great emphasis on protection of intellectual property and the validation and preservation of product integrity. Cirexx dedicates the necessary resources to maintain and interpret the complex requirements of Federal and Defense Acquisition Regulations.

Cirexx International has upgraded to the MIL-PRF-31032 certifications, which includes additional features such as overall board thickness, minimum hole size and aspect ratio, minimum line width and space, conductive finish and 18” X 24” panel size. While the company has producing these technologies for some time, they can now certify them to this popular defense specification. This effort is a continuation of Cirexx’s commitment to support the aerospace/defense market with advanced products manufactured, tested and certified to the latest requirements.

The Cirexx Printed Wiring Board products and services for defense/aerospace cover a wide range of the most popular items: Printed Circuit Boards, including HDI and RF/Microwave; Flex Circuits, including Rigid-Flex; automated and hand assembly of active and passive components; and Gerber Data Set and Documentation generation. All of this is provided with Cirexx’s excellent customer service and in a true QUICK TURN mode. And of course, in secure environment from an ITAR registered company.

Achieving this certification not only allows us to manufacture high technology products for the Defense market, it again shows that we are committed to continuously improving our PCB technology for all our customers. This confirms our commitment to providing the Military / Defense and Aerospace marketplace with maximum flexibility and range of Advanced Interconnect Technologies.

Military Certifications

Department of DefenseMIL-PRF-31032C, VWE-19-033722
D/S Rigid
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Department of DefenseMIL-PRF-31032C, VWE-19-033722
D/S Flex
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Department of DefenseRigid up to 22 LayersPDF download icon
Department of DefenseRigid-Flex up to 16 LayersPDF download icon
Department of DefenseMIL-55110H-QPL-QML PRODUCT FOR APPENDIX BPDF downlaod icon
Department of DefenseMIL-55110H-QPL-QML PRODUCT FOR APPENDIX B
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Department of DefenseMIL-PRF-31032PDF download icon
Department of DefenseMIL-PRF-55110HPDF download icon
US Department of State ITARPDF download icon