Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

At Cirexx International, we’ve integrated to the latest CAM systems that provides extensive plug-in DFM programs, cut cycle time and increase yields dramatically.

Having 10 full seat licenses for Genflex, running the latest hardware architecture and Linux workstations, we’ve maximize and increased our productivity in terms of CAD/EDA download, fully translated into ODB++. Complemented by Seamless Integration with all system modules and third-party programs; we ensure timely and accurate processing of bare board data.

The CAM system, used worldwide, leverages PCB layout into reliable manufacturing and testing tools, that communicate directly to the PCB designer and to the manufacturing machinery.


A dedicated CAM system for flex and rigid-flex manufacturing
GenFlexTM is a dedicated CAM system for flex and rigid-flex PCB manufacturers, compensating for material bending and possible distortion. Take advantage of CAD editing tools and fast revision through dedicated flex DFMs to improve yield and cut cycle time.

  • State-of-the-art analysis and editing for flexible circuit boards
  • Quick global revision via dedicated Design for Manufacture (DFM) tools
  • Pattern optimization for maximizing yield and quality
  • ODB++ data format for seamless integration with design and assembly
  • Optimal operator efficiency and speed
  • Minimal revisions, maximum yields

The flexibility you need. The ingenuity you want.
GenFlex, the world’s first CAM solution for flexible printed boards manufacturers, streamlines design analysis, editing, tooling and workflow management to maximize pre-production speed and quality. Using highly sophisticated algorithms, GenFlex supports your most complex and time consuming layout editing tasks. It ensures the highest quality and manufacturability of your production tools.

In addition, GenFlex’s modular design and user-friendly GUI make it easy to integrate into your production environment. GenFlex can help you increase yields and reduce flex PCB production costs.

GenFlex solution is based on the ODB++ format for smooth end-to-end data exchange integration and communication. ODB++ is the most intelligent CAD/CAM format available today, capturing all CAD/EDA database, PCB fabrication and assembly knowledge in one enhanced single, unified database. ODB++ capabilities are embedded to support special flex board layout requirements, maintain design integrity, preserve original data, and minimize revision spins.

The dedicated CAM solution
GenFlex gives you all the advantages of CAM with dedicated solutions to meet your specialized Flex PCB production needs.

ODB++ Certifications

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