ISO 9001

Cirexx International is one of the first PCB/PWB manufactures in North America to successfully complete their AS-9100 Revision D audit and receive certification. The company completed the effort in only 4 months – which the auditors commented was very expeditious for the industry -and had no major findings. This certification – which contains many upgrades and revisions to the previous revision – is an important complement to the company’s rigorous security system

The Revision D certification allows Cirexx to remain at the forefront of defense contracting relative to PWB manufacturing. The company offers the marketplace Circuit Layout/Documentation, Bare Board Fabrication and Component Assembly. These services are offered for Printed Circuit Boards, including HDI RF/Microwave and High Speed and Flex Circuits, including Rigid-Flex. Additionally, all products and services reoffered in a true QUICK TURN environment making Cirexx the “GO TO” shop for MIL-SPEC Boards.

Cirexx performs all fabrication and manufacturing processing, inspection and testing in-house with very few exceptions. Outside laboratories are utilized for complex product testing and validation as well as periodic independent third-party validation for certification retention.

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The ISO 9001-2015 Series provides general quality assurance guidelines as well as quality system models that can be used by any type or size of company anywhere in the world.

The Geneva-based International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the ISO 9000 series of standards for quality assurance in 1987. Its goal was to provide guidelines for consistent quality practices across international borders.

More than 100 countries have adopted ISO 9001 as National Standards.

OrganizationCertificationRegistration NumberView
ISO 9001:202410000706 QM15